Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zoe Slattery is speaking at Apachecon 2010

I asked a few developers I know to answer three questions about Apachecon going on this week in Atlanta, Georgia. Zoe Slattery said...

What topic are you speaking about at Apachecon this year? What will developers learn from your session?

I'm giving two talks - one on behalf of Jeremy Hughes who sadly couldn't make it this year - and one of my own. The talk I've inherited from Jeremy is all about Apache Aries, why the project exists, what we mean by 'Enterprise OSGi Applications'. If you are a Java EE developer and what to know more about what you can do with OSGi this would be a good talk to come to. My own talk (A la carte OSGi) was really inspired by all the things I wish I'd known about a year ago - I'll go through a number of open source OSGi related projects explaining what they are useful for and how they are related to each other. If you are at the point where you get the modularity message and are ready to dive into coding this talk could save you some time.

What topic are you most looking forward to learning more about or which speaker are you looking forward to hearing or meeting?

I'm looking forward to meeting people that I've never met face to face but have worked with - both in IBM and at Apache. I'm looking forward to hearing about almost everything - the hardest thing is working out which sessions to go to out of the many that I want to attend.

What new feature of Geronimo v3.0 are you most excited about and why?

Well, that would have to be the Enterprise OSGi capabilities, of course.

You can read Zoe's blog Zoom splatter and follow her on twitter @Zoe_Slattery. Reach out to her at Apachecon. Also read a preview from Geronimo developers Jarek Gawor and Lin Sun.

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