Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jarek Gawor is speaking at Apachecon 2010

I asked a few developers I know to answer three questions about Apachecon going on this week in Atlanta, Georgia. Jarek Gawor said...

What topic are you speaking about at Apachecon this year? What will developers learn from your session?

This year at ApacheCon I will be talking about Geronimo 3.0 and a set of OSGi enterprise specifications that Geronimo supports. In Geronimo 3.0 we redesigned the kernel to run on top of OSGi and integrated a number of OSGi enterprise technologies that enable building enterprise-level OSGi applications. Geronimo 3.0 also supports Java EE 6 technologies and together with the OSGi features Geronimo is a powerful platform for writing OSGi or Java EE -based enterprise applications. My session will describe the OSGi enterprise specifications supported in Geronimo, explain how they are integrated with the Geronimo framework, and show how Java EE applications can interact with OSGi applications and vice versa.

What topic are you most looking forward to learning more about or which speaker are you looking forward to hearing or meeting?

I work with OSGi a lot so there are a few OSGi-related sessions that sound interesting to me. For example, Carsten Ziegeler's “Just stay loose with OSGi and Apache Felix!” session or Marcel Offermans' “OSGi Design Patterns and Best Practices” talk.

What new feature of Geronimo v3.0 are you most excited about and why?

It is hard to pick one as there are a lot of cool new features introduced just as part of Java EE 6. For example, EJB 3.1 Lite or Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299). However, I am mostly excited about the OSGi features we introduced in Geronimo 3.0 not only because they enable writing enterprise OSGi applications but also make extending or integrating new functionality into Geronimo much easier.

Thanks to Jarek for sharing a preview of Apachecon this week with us. Also read a preview from Zoe Slattery and Lin Sun, as well as Bob Sutor's keynote on Friday. If you are attending Apachecon next week in Atlanta, do reach out to our team. I wish I could be there with you for the big week. Have a good conference all.

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