Thursday, December 16, 2010

Apache Geronimo Several New Updates and Releases

Recent weeks have seen several updates to the Apache Geronimo open source application server project. On November 30th, Geronimo 2.1.7 was released with improvements related to security and authentication. In addition, the Geronimo Samples were updated with a couple of new applications and the Daytrader performance benchmarking tool was updated to 2.1.7 as well. On December 11, Geronimo 2.2.1 was released with stateless session bean failover support and JMX over SSL improvements. Each of these releases include upgrades for several open source components like Tomcat and OpenEJB. The Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in 2.1.7 was released in the same week with support for Eclipse 3.6.x Helios and Geronimo server 2.1.7. These releases give nice improvements, new features and fixes for Java developers. You can find specific details about each release on the respective download pages and full release notes.

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