Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twenty Ten Java Stories

I was trying to decide what the top stories of 2010 are in the world of Java development. What was top of mind for folks in and around the Java software community? I decided not to simply scour the web for popular articles, blog posts or forum rants – I asked what I tend to think of as my best colleagues from different parts of the business for their views on the year that was in Java. These colleagues included IBMers from software development, marketing, product management, sales, UX design, enterprise architecture, and even my fellow technical evangelists. I asked each person for their top two takes on Java topics and news worthy moments from twenty ten. I wanted to see what the common threads were as well as the important items that may have been eclipsed by the "big news" buzz. I have mixed up the 15+ responses and presented them as a word cloud. Are the results surprising? What are your top two take aways from 2010? What will the landscape become in 2011 and beyond?

Java 2010 word cloud

The most notable news was about the Sun acquisition, JCP membership and participation, new JDK partnerships, availability of JEE6 + OSGi technology and the rise of mobile platforms such as Android. Note, the opinions and observations expressed here are those of the survey participants and myself and not of our employers.

Credit to Wordle.net for the fantastic word cloud generator.

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