Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Lunch

It's nice to meet the faces behind the avatars. A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to meet up with a couple of visiting IBMers. Two IBM software group colleagues were visiting the Research Triangle Park lab in September from overseas and we all love a reason to go out a try something new for lunch. Lin Sun suggested a good place in Morrisville for Thai food. Valentin Mahrwald, visiting from IBM Hursley Lab in UK, and Daniel Haischt from IBM Böblingen Lab in Germany, have been working with North Carolina colleagues on a RedBook for OSGi and JPA. Valentin is a UK colleague of my teammate Zoë and Daniel worked with some of my old teammates on the WebSphere sMash book. It is interesting to play "seven degrees of separation" in IBM. Valentin is a committer on Apache Aries and Daniel is a committer on Apache OpenEJB. The rest of the RTP group were IBM members of the Apache Geronimo team and our test lead for the OSGi / JPA feature pack. Our lunch conversation was centered mostly around good dining suggestions around the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) as it seems we have foodies of various sorts in the group!

Pictured here are Joe Bohn, Jarek Gawor, Valentin Mahrwald, Daniel Haischt, Lin Sun, Bill Stoddard. Also at lunch but not pictured are Nichole Stewart, Ted Kirby, and myself, the photographer Ryan Boyles.

Update: Here is the draft RedBook of Getting Started with the Feature Pack for OSGi and JPA that is co-authored by Carla Satler, Daniel Haischt, Philipp Huber and Valentin Mahrwald.

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